Rita Vian

_ Rita Vian works on her voice and song writing in a wide spectrum between electronics and rootsFado is a very important chapter in its artistic expression, as well as urban music is the other side of that same artist. Branko`s remix for the single Sereia introduced Rita Vian to a wider audience. This song was followed by “Purga”, which features a video directed by João Pedro Moreira (Buraka Som Sistema, Dino D`Santiago). Rita Vian´s paths are unexpected as they are breathtaking.

CAOS'A is the title of Rita Vian's new EP. The five-song EP is produced by Branko and features the single "Trago", directed by João Pedro Moreira.

Maria Salgado maria.salgado@arruada.com
Inês Lopes ines.lopes@arruada.com
  1. 26 October 2021
    _ Lisboa, Portugal
    Teatro Tivoli BBVA
  2. 11 June 2022
    _ Porto, Portugal
    NOS Primavera Sound